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Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13

Publication Details:
Publication:“PC Plus”, UK
Date:May 1996
Product Information:
Title:Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13
Author:Randall A. Maxey
Publisher:New Rider Publishing
Supplier:Transworld Publishers Ltd.
Tel.:00121 706 6000
Price at time of publication:£27.49

Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13

When we reviewed AutoCAD Release 13 in Issue 105, we felt that its appetite for hardware would give existing users headaches. Although everyone experiences hardware difficulties when upgrading, system managers with responsibility for many AutoCAD seats must consider other factors. “Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13” by Randall Maxey is a guide through the maze of potential upgrade problems.

This book is intended for existing AutoCAD users and managers. Although this could limit its appeal, the book includes several topics which can help users of other CAD systems. Instead of offering a tutorial or reference, “Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13” makes readers aware of each issue and the choices available. This approach suits the intended readership – each site uses CAD differently, and system managers must make decisions which reflect their own environment.

Any upgrading exercise balances the advantages gained with new features against the cost of extra hardware and the time needed to upgrade. Upgrading a professional CAD system is more complex – it’s usually an essential R&D tool, and is consequently critical in terms of downtime and long-term reliability. It’s essential to plan everything carefully to avoid problems. Training, installation strategy, performance optimisation, customisation and maintenance issues are all important, and are discussed in some depth. Subjects like PC hardware and operating systems have been widely discussed elsewhere, but are usefully repeated here.

Randall Maxey has done extremely well with this book. He discusses the relevant subjects clearly and concisely, with plenty of technical detail where relevant. The simple but serious language is appropriate for the target readership, and one senses that the author has plenty of experience to back up his views. While it won’t appeal to the general reader, “Upgrading to AutoCAD Release 13” should be required reading for anyone with responsibility for AutoCAD systems.

Tim Baty