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DesignCAD LT

Publication Details:
Publication:“PC Plus”, UK
Date:August 1998
Product Information:
Title:DesignCAD LT
Ex. VAT:£127.62
Supplier:BVG-Airflo Ltd.
Fact Panel:
Minimum Requirements:486DX, 16Mb RAM, 20Mb hard disk space, 256-colour 800×600 SVGA, Win95 or NT4.0
Available on:CD-ROM
Tested on:Dell Dimension XPS D333 Pentium II with 128Mb RAM, STB Velocity 128, Win95
DesignCAD LT - User Interface
DesignCAD LT contains all DesignCAD 97’s 2D features, including extensive text and dimensioning tools. This drawing includes an embedded bitmap.

DesignCAD LT

DesignCAD LT replaces the old DesignCAD 2D product. It’s essentially a 2D version of DesignCAD 97, with limited 3D capabilities. You don’t get Boolean solid operations and surfacing, and the rendering tools are replaced with an extremely basic flat shader. Otherwise, just about everything is still there, including the macro language, dimension styles, bitmap tracer and text attributes. The removal of the 3D features in this case has given us a simpler and better-focussed product than its big brother – it’s actually quite a nice program for 2D-only work, and should hold its own against the likes of AutoSketch and TurboCAD.

Tim Baty

PC Plus Verdict – DesignCAD LT:


  • Price
  • Well-focussed for 2D work


  • No Boolean operations on solids
  • Very limited surface shading
Range of features:8
Ease of Use:9
Value for money9
PC Plus Value Verdict:9